Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Hailey and Dillin Cuddling; Getting Groomed

My dogs, Hailey and Dillin, NEVER cuddle with each other. They are best friends, and they love each other, but Hailey just does not like cuddling with Dillin. I have only seen them cuddle one other time, and that was more than a year ago! So I am very glad that I had my phone handy so that I could snap a few pictures of this rare event! 

This is my favorite picture of the bunch, with Hailey resting her head on my leg and Dillin resting his head on her back with his eyes closed.  Looking at this picture, you would have no idea what a rare occurrence this is!

Anyway, I also brought them with me last week to groom them. The cuddling incident, if you couldn't tell by their scruffiness, took place before I groomed them. So here's Dillin before his bath. (He's a Cockapoo for people who are new to my page.)

Here he is after the bath, but before the haircut. I was squeaking a toy to get his attention, so that is why he has such a strange look on his face. See how nicely he fluffs up?

It had been about 6 weeks since I last groomed them. Their hair, but Dillin's in particular, grows SO fast! I took his body shorter than half an inch last time, and look how long it got.

This is the same length I did on him a month and a half ago. I just did part of his haircut and took a picture so that you could really see how much his hair has grown. For the life of me I can't understand how people can go 3 months or more between grooming - for me, 6 weeks is pretty much the upper limit of what I can tolerate before I HAVE to groom them.

Here's Dillin's after picture. I love the Mohawk!

Here is Hailey before the bath. I think she is an American Eskimo/Poodle mix. She doesn't mind being groomed, except she HATES the bath and blow dry. You can tell how upset she is about what's coming based on how far back and down her ears are. She is not a happy camper in this picture.

Here she is after, MUCH happier! I took her ears a little shorter than I usually do, but I think they are cute at this length.

OK, here's one last picture of Hailey and Dillin cuddling. Hailey's head is hanging off the sofa, so she just looks like a furry lump.

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