Monday, February 25, 2013

Before and After Pics 2/25/13

Here is the final batch of before and after pictures that I assembled last month and haven't posted yet.

This Cockapoo is one of my regulars. They like him to dry curly, and since we don't have kennel dryers, I do the whole haircut before the bath and send him home damp so that he dries curly. They usually like him to have this ENORMOUS teddy bear head. Here it is all brushed out - he didn't want to look at the camera, so that is why my hand is in the picture holding his head up.

Here's another view of that huge head.

This particular time, the father and teenage daughter dropped him off instead of the mother, and they thought it would be hilarious to do something different with his head - they decided on a mustache and big topknot. Here's how it looks all fluffy before the bath.

And here he is after the bath. Sadly, I don't know how he looks after he dries, but you can see his ears and topknot curling already. (Side note - I did him again recently, and the mom wanted me to go back to the big poofy teddy bear head.)

This Westie was a new client. The owner comes in and says, "The terror - I mean terrier ;-) - is here." And he kinda was a terror. Here he is before the bath.

And here's my hand after blow drying him - he scratched me to pieces!

And here he is after.  

This little guy is another of my regulars. I just did him again the other day, although this picture is from a couple of months ago. Here he is before the bath, all curly.

Here he is after the bath, all nice and fluffy.

I take him pretty short in the summer, but she wanted him a little longer for winter. See all the orange scraggly stuff on his back? I decided to just scissor that off without using a blade or snap-on comb first.

Here's his back after I scissored him. I'm pretty impressed with how smooth I got it. 

And here's the final result. He's such a good boy; I just love grooming him.

This last dog is a Spanish Water Dog. They generally have their hair corded, but these people wanted her to look curly rather than corded. Here she is before I did anything to her.

I decided to use the high velocity dryer to loosen up all the curl and get rid of some of the dander, then I brushed her out.

Here she is after some scissoring. Since they wanted her curly, I did the haircut before the bath.

Here she is, damp and miserable, ready to go home and dry curly. Her owners were THRILLED that I didn't shave her. I haven't seen her again, but I hope they do come back soon - she was really good to groom.

I hope you've enjoyed these pics! Hopefully I'll have something of substance for you in a few days.

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