Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Before and After Pics 1/22/13

Here are some more before and after pictures I took of dogs I groomed before the holidays got really crazy.

First we have a REALLY dirty Doodle (side note: I really don't care or bother to remember which dogs are Labradoodles and which are Goldendoodles. They're practically the same thing and get the same haircuts.) On top of being dirty, she was quite matted. 

I had to take her a little bit shorter than usual, but with a good scrubbing and blowing her out with the high velocity dryer, I didn't have to shave her all the way down to the skin, which the owners were very happy about.

This next Cockapoo is one of my regulars. Needless to say, I don't put bows in her ears anymore...

Here she is after. I had to basically do Cocker ears on her because I had to shave the mats out, but at least I was able to save the bottom of her ears. I like my Cockapoo's (Dillin) ears  really short, but I am the exception to the rule. Most Cockapoo owners like big poofy ears on their dogs.

Here is a cute little Toy Poodle puppy. I did him again recently, and I don't think he's a pure Poodle, but it doesn't really matter. Anyway, this was his very first groom.

He fluffs up quite nicely, don't you think?

This is another of my Doodle requests (I do A LOT of Doodles). Here she is curly and dirty before the bath.

Here she is all clean and fluffy. Her hair is so curly that I'm still surprised by how fluffy she is under all of that curl. 

And here she is all done. What a pretty girl. She takes me forever because her hair is so thick and curly, but she always turns out so nice when I am done. 

This is another of my regulars. He is a Yorkie/Bichon mix puppy, and his coat has changed colors and textures about 3 times as he has grown up. She brushes him regularly, but he always looks scruffy when he comes in due to the odd texture of his hair. 

And here he is after. He has become such a good dog to groom - he was a really crazy puppy. Sadly she just moved out of state. :-(  She says she will come back and visit her daughter frequently and will bring him in then to get groomed, so this may not be the last time I see him, but it was a bittersweet day nonetheless.

I hope you all enjoyed this latest batch of before and after pictures!


  1. Always love the before and after pictures. Great grooms! :)
    Lisa, MFF

  2. We had to get our 1 year old labradoodle shaved right down due to matts because her puppy coat was falling out etc. But her coat doesn't seem to be growing back? I would love it if you could tell us how long it will take, or if you think that something might be out of the ordinary. It has been a few weeks now with no improvement! Please answer!! X

    1. Dog hair typically grows about half an inch a month - obviously some dogs will grow slower and some will grow faster. I would say if there is NO improvement within one month of her being shaved, you should probably head to the vet to rule out a health problem such as hypothyroidism. The other possibility is just that it is growing so slowly that there is no visible progress from day to day, but if you saw a picture of her then compared to now, you might notice that she is a little fuzzier.

      I hope that answer helps!