Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Homeless Pictures

I take A TON of pictures of dogs at work, but a lot of those pictures I can't use for various reasons. So I thought I would compile a few recent ones plus one of my favorites into one post so that you can get a sense of how hard it can be to get good photos for use in my blog or on Facebook.

This first dog I did on Sunday. I do him about once a month, and I wanted to get a before and after. Wouldn't you know, I ran behind and forgot to get an after picture. This is one of his before pictures. He absolutely did not want to look at the camera.

Here's Dillin! I was trying to get a picture of him and Hailey sitting nicely next to each other by me on the sofa, but he leapt at the camera just as I took the picture. 

Here are some before and after pictures of a dog I did on Saturday who didn't want to look at the camera. Here's the before.

Here's the after. Her body looks good but you can't tell how cute her face is.

This Westie puppy clawed the crap out of my hands. He also wouldn't look at the camera or hold still.

Black dogs make for terrible pictures. I try and I try and they just have no detail whatsoever. It looks like this guy has only one eye, but I promise he does have two.

Talk about a whoopsie picture! I had to put my phone down and run to grab a bag before any of them could step in the mess.

Now I have a whole bunch of pictures of just one dog. His owner likes him to be curly so I do the haircut before the bath and send him home damp so he'll dry curly - the blow dryer straightens hair and makes dogs look poofy. Look at the camera Fido (not his real name).

{whistle whistle whistle} Look at the camera!

OK, maybe I'll just hold your head up and point it toward the camera. They like his head HUGE like this. Usually they do a teddy bear head, but this day they wanted to try a mustache with a big topknot instead. So here he is all brushed out and before the haircut.

Fido, look at the camera.

Look at the camera {kissy sound kissy sound}. Fido!

Look at me!

Close but no cigar. Now we're blurry.

Not blurry...not looking.

OK, let me hold your face up again.

Dang it, you can't see his mustache properly in that shot. Fido, look at the camera! {kissy kissy whistle whistle}

Look at me, please!


I'm over here...

What's on the floor? Over here! Over here! {whistle whistle whistle} Look at me! {kissy kissy}

This is after the bath so you can get a sense of how he will curl. I finally gave up and held his face again.

Now for possibly my favorite messed up picture of all time. This is my old Cocker request, and he started to shake right when I took the picture. I think he looks like a Picasso painting!

So there you have it. And this is only a small fraction of all the messed up pictures I have. Are you interested in seeing more posts like this in the future? Let me know!


  1. Loved it! More please!

  2. LOL! That cocker DOES look like a Picasso!